Student Support Services - Criteria for Accommodations in the Classroom


Eligibility for accommodations necessitates the student meet the following requirements:

1.  The student must have an educational need or diagnosis that directly affects his/her ability to learn.

2.  The student must have been evaluated by a professional with the appropriate credentials to make the diagnosis (e.g. psychologist, diagnostician, neurologist).

3.  Evaluations must be current as outlined in the ETS guidelines (Educational Testing Service, Extenuating circumstances may warrant an individualized decision for a student’s re-evaluation.

4.   A full report must be submitted to the Counselor (Lower School) or Learning Specialist (Upper School) for use in developing an Individual Accommodation Plan (IAP).

5.   The report will be kept on file in the Counselor’s or Learning Specialist’s office.

6.   The report must include the following:

·    A clear description of the diagnosis listed in the current edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM).

·    Scores from measures of cognitive functioning, academic achievement, and information processing which support the diagnosis.

·    Specific recommendations for appropriate accommodations.


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