Preschool Curriculum Goals

The St. Thomas Aquinas Preschool Curriculum is designed to be a synthesis of opportunities that build a foundation for future learning. Care is taken not to over-emphasize the mastery of subject matter to the detriment of the child's personal, social and emotional growth.

Each child will progress developmentally at a pace determined by the child’s individual needs in a warm, caring environment. The child will develop self-esteem and a positive attitude toward learning.

The child will be encouraged to explore, discover, experiment, create and problem solve.

Through play, the young child will develop readiness skills:  visual, social/emotional, language and motor, as well as a joy of learning.

Children will experience and gain developmental skills and concepts as they participate in integrated activities, use manipulatives and interact with others in content areas and literature-based classroom experiences.

The child will recognize and respect cultural diversity through appropriate experiential activities and literature. 

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