Annual Gap Drive



The Annual Gap Drive, held every year, bridges the difference between what is charged for tuition and actual costs incurred to educate each child and run the school, a difference of $817 per student for the current school year. Its purpose is to meet expansion needs and to provide enhancements to our school's educational programs which are not covered by tuition. Our goal is for the Annual Gap Drive to reach 100% participation of all school and parish families. Annual giving supports quality programs provided to the children of the school.

By bridging the gap through fundraising, tuition is kept at a reasonable rate and allows the opportunity for more parish families to choose a Catholic education for their children. The school relies on the generosity of donors to fund program enhancements and improvements. 

Grant-Seeking Benefits

Contributing to the Annual Gap Drive can also help bring outside funding to the school. When schools seek money from foundations and corporations or other major donors, they look closely at the percentage of parental participation in annual giving. Participation tells corporate and foundation donors that the families of the school believe a St. Thomas education is important and worthy of support. We must demonstrate that our community is doing all that it can to meet needs.

Benefits of Participation
Our parish children attending St. Thomas benefit from your participation in several ways. The teachers of our children receive benefits, both monetary and in professional development, provided by the Annual Gap Drive. Based on faculty proposals, the Msgr. John Gulczynski Endowment Fund (a designated gift opportunity in the Annual Gap Drive) provides numerous educational enhancements to our classrooms each year. Program enhancements, such as a new Math and Guided Reading curriculum/textbooks, science and computer lab equipment, classroom equipment, etc. have been provided with Annual Gap Drive gifts. Gap Drive funds support the operations budget, and bridges the gap between what it costs to run the school and what is charged in tuition, a difference of $817 per child for this school year.

STA Fundraising
The Annual Gap Drive and Parents' Association fundraisers are BOTH vital income to our school's operating budget. Every dollar given through these avenues is spent exclusively on our school. The Annual Gap Drive dollars pay for additional classes and enrichment, educational enhancements, faculty development and ongoing education to help attract and retain the best teachers for St. Thomas. Parents' Association funds are committed (as a part of the operating budget) to Athletics, Field Trips, Library, Scholarships, Student Programs, Technology and Teachers' Open Account, among other things. Both of these efforts help ensure that our students receive the best that Catholic education has to offer. 

Please make your commitment or contribution to the Annual Gap Drive today. 

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Thank you for your support of St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School.


Tax Benefits
Donations to the Annual Gap Drive are 100% tax deductible as charitable contributions.


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