Parents' Association

This is the place to get more involved, get to know more parents and make an impact for your child’s school! Our membership consists of parents or guardians of students at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School. We have had record participation in our community events and fundraising efforts. Together, we have worked diligently to accomplish our charter’s objective of bringing the home, school, and church into closer relationship. We have more volunteers than ever, all working toward the goal of supporting the STA community.

Major fundraising events or programs are as follows:

  • Bingo/Carnival  (September)
  • Auction  (February)
  • Miscellaneous (Target, Albertson's): Year Round
The Parents' Association Board serves to plan, organize, and coordinate events and programs which directly support and benefit our school. Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month. If you would like to know more or how to volunteer, contact a member of our board.

STA Parents' Association 2016-2017 Executive Board:
      Jennifer Polak
President Elect:
      Alicia Schortgen
VP - Ways & Means:
      Rachel Wright 
VP - Volunteer Programs         
Endowment Chairperson:   
       Billy Hartmann
       Jaime White
       Carole Brannan
      Jody McDaniel
Nominating Chair / Bylaws:    
      Gina Murphy


STA Parents' Association 2016-2017 Board Members:
       Kristin Clary, Kristen Devlin, Bethany O'Shea                       
Ex-Officio Carnival Chair:      
       Gina Murphy, Alicia Schortgen, Rachel Wright
       Barbara-Ellen Gaffney, Judy Macy, Sheila Rigelsky
Ex-Officio Auction Chair:
       Suzanne Austin, Shannon Dawson, Mandy McLean, Denise Molina
       Alise Platt, Emily Alfano
       Kailia Alcantar, Margaret Bryant, Jennifer Furlong, Ann Hurley, Gina Shipley 
Faculty/Staff Appreciation:
       Debbie Hain, Jenna Summerford
Public Relations:
       Stacy Murphy, Amy Myers
PA Website:
      Jason Panko, Heather Panko
PSIA Volunteer Coordinator:
      Lori Pollock
Room Parent:
      Amy Buehler (PK), Besty Sabogal (LS), Melissa Griffith (US)
Library Coordinators:         
      Cathy Almond, Yi-Fang Kryger (US), Kari Garrick, Jen Schar (LS)
Science Lab Coordinators:
      Mary Cantwell (LS), Amy Johnson (US)
Recess Coordinators:
      Shanna Garcia, Spencer Swift (LS), Laura Andrade (LS Morning), Dawn Lewis, Katy Trent (US)
Fine Arts Coordinators:
      Jill Carter, Sarah Katherine Zavala (LS), Stefanie Lucio Herrmann (US)
Fine Arts - Upper School AMP
      Piper Arra, Mary Daniel, Tracey Garcia, Lisa Swift
Material Mom/Dad Coordinators:
      Kelly Gordon, Darlene Rosen
Yearbook Coordinators:
      Nikki Ramos
Yearbook Committee:
     Yi-Fang Kryger, Minda Paluga, Sinead Soesbe, Marina Trahan
Lost and Found:
     Audra Archer
White Rock Games Coordinator:
   Julie Tienart

St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School:  3741 Abrams Road | Dallas, TX 75214 | p 214.826.0566 | f 214.826.0251
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