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As parents, we all want the best for our children and choosing the right school is one of the biggest decisions we make for their education. You’ve chosen STA. My husband and I made the same choice 30 years ago when our oldest started kindergarten. We didn’t know then that Catholic schools have the highest high school graduation and college attendance rates due to their high academic standards. We only knew that our parish was a welcoming community with a school that combined Catholic faith and teachings with academic excellence. It was the right choice for our family, and I believe it’s the right choice for yours.
For over 70 years St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School has provided Catholic families in our community an outstanding, faith-based education with high academics, an outstanding technology program, a successful athletics program, a strong Catholic identity, and a welcoming culture. We are known for our dedicated and qualified teachers and for our supportive parents and volunteers. Our students continue to grow in holiness, knowledge, and commitment to service.
A lot has changed in the thirty years since we registered our firstborn at STA. The school has grown tremendously, but it is still a close-knit community of families dedicated to educating their children through the light of Gospel values. We pray together. We learn together. We play together. We work together to continually improve our school and build our partnership. Community is the heart of Catholic education, and our hearts are full!
Leslie Reeves
Assistant Principal of Academic Affairs

Giving the Best of Yourself
Genevieve Dittmar - Athletic Director

I recently watched the movie “The Two Popes”[1] on Netflix and love how Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the future Pope Francis, played by Jonathan Pryce, realizes that he and Pope Benedict XVI, played by Anthony Hopkins, must find common ground in order to forge a new path for the Catholic Church.

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New EduBlog Initiative
Dr. Patrick Magee

As the year winds down and I reflect on the start of this school year, I look forward to giving you more of an inside glimpse into the classroom, sharing best practices, and working with you to support our students and our teachers.

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