Fathers of STA

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Fathers of STA

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Funded Projects

FOSTA funds new security doorknobs
In December, FOSTA funded new security doorknobs for the Upper School classroom doors. These new doorknobs allow for the doors to be quickly locked from the inside and are a major security improvement. 
Security Cameras

In October, FOSTA funded two exterior security cameras for the Lower School. These cameras help keep the parking lot secure during pick-up and drop-off. 


First 100 Days of FOSTA

  • Approval to launch FOSTA
  • Hosted launch event (College Football Watching Party)
  • Have 300 paid members
  • Created FOSTA Fridays
  • Funded NEW Security cameras for the lower school parking lot
  • Funded NEW classroom doorknobs for upper school
  • Raise $650 to support "Spreading Good Cheer"
  • Expanded and enhanced Football Watching Tent at Carnival
  • Staffed manpower needs for Carnival set-up and takedown
  • Have supported the following Dad-centric STA organizations: 
    • Holy Name Society (Oktoberfest)
    • CHRP Men's Retreat
    • STA Men's Basketball League
    • Open House Tours

Positive Things About FOSTA:

• Great working relationship with the administration
• Collaborative working relationship with STAPA
• Dads get what we're doing and are quick to engage when called upon

Fathers of St. Thomas Aquinas or FOSTA is a NEW volunteer support organization providing boots on the ground for Upper School and the Lower School activities and initiatives and manpower for our STA Parents' Associations events, all while joining in fellowship with other STA dads.

Joining FOSTA provides:

  • Monthly opportunities to support our children, our teachers, and our school
  • Fun ways to get your service hours for the school year*
  • Connections through fellowship and social events to get to know other dads at STA

*Must be safe-environment cleared - contact Dean Galvin if you don't have your badge and need to get trained.

We are over 200 members strong, and growing! Become a member to support the school and get a t-shirt with a $100 donation.

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