Safe Environment and Volunteering

In compliance with the Diocese, STA has a comprehensive Safe Environment program in place for all of our volunteers. In order to volunteer at the school, church, or any affiliated event, you are required to be safe environment cleared. This is an easy process that is outlined on the website. Once you receive your Safe Environment badge, it must be updated annually on the anniversary date and worn on school premises at all times you are on campus. Please know that for the safety of our students and teachers, this policy is strictly enforced. All visitors who do not have a Safe Environment badge must sign in at the front desk, receive a yellow visitor sticker, and be accompanied at all times.

  • All parents who wish to visit the school during school hours or volunteer are required to complete the St. Thomas Aquinas Safe Environment Program and recertify annually.
  • Parents must wear their volunteer badge while on campus volunteering in any capacity during, before, and after school hours.

Thank you to all parents for working together to keep a safe environment for our children.

Safe Environment Screening Instructions

Live Training Sessions

Due to COVID-19 there are no upcoming LIVE Safe Environment training for new volunteers and for renewing volunteers. Check back here for an updated link to renew your training LIVE.