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Please sign up to spend a few hours each month helping your children create some wonderful works of art.  Here’s how you can help:

Friday Material Prep
You don’t have to be crafty to join us once or twice a month for Art Material Parent Fridays! Pour paints and glazes, cut paper, mat student work, sort, label, file and sharpen pencils to help prepare art materials for upcoming classes. There are always so many things to do. These are generally the 2nd Friday of the month, but dates vary. The schedule will be sent out at the end of August.

Don’t have a flexible schedule during school hours? There are many projects to take home, too, especially in January as we prepare for Catholics Schools Week Art Show. Come pick up supplies and instructions and return them the following week. It’s an easy way to earn service hours on your own time! (Sorry, we need parents only for these jobs. Your student will need to contact Ms. Lewin directly if they need service hours.)

Clay Prep
Come get your hands dirty!  It’s very therapeutic!! STA students create hundreds of beautiful ceramic pieces each year which means that thousands of pounds of clay have to be cut and prepared before they can get started.  You can help by cutting clay and running it through the clay roller.

Clean Up
Wear your grubbies and come wash paintbrushes and paint cups, as well as tables, sinks and floors!

Your children have the opportunity to work with a variety of medium in art class and this can lead to some pretty big messes.  Ms. Lewin could use help cleaning up between classes or at the end of the day, or getting the room spic and span for CSW Art Show.

Hang Art
Join the hanging party in January to get ready for Catholic Schools Week and in April for a smaller Spring Show!

The students work very hard to create amazing works of art and it is important to display each piece in a way that will make the artist feel pride in his or her work. You can help display the multitudes of student art.  We need lots of willing volunteers for this time consuming task. We block out 2 Saturdays in January for this in addition to our usual Friday work days.

Cut and/or Sew
Love to sew?  Sign up to sew, cut or both!! The students get to work with a variety of materials in art class.  Anyone with a working sewing machine, Ms. Lewin would appreciate your help sewing for special art projects.

Art in a Pinch
Live on the edge!! Sign up to jump in as needed!  Art by its very nature can be unpredictable and spontaneous.  It’s just part of the creative process.  Sometimes Ms. Lewin could use some last minute help.  If you are a spontaneous person and don’t mind the “night before email or text”, the art department could use you!

Thank you for your support and dedication to our children!!  We appreciate everything you do.

If you have any further questions, please contact me:

Jenny Starcher


***All volunteers must have gone through the Safe Environment program and be clear to sign up. You must also wear your badge. Please contact Gina Rangel Pena for any safe environment questions or 214-821-3360 x4115***

Art Material Parent Fridays

Meet outside the art room from 9am-Noon

Friday, August 24
Friday, September 14
Friday, October 5
Friday, October 26
Friday, November 9
Friday, December 14
Friday, January 11 (Catholic Schools Week prep)
Saturday, January 12  (Catholic Schools Week prep)
Friday, January 25  (Catholic Schools Week prep)
Saturday, January 26 (Catholic Schools Week prep)
Friday, February 8
Friday, February 15
Friday, March 1
Friday, April 12
Friday, April 26
Friday, May 10
Friday, May 17