Lower School Matters

First In Math helps your child get ahead.
  • Lower School
Lauren Roberts

First in Math is a supplemental digital math program we provide for our K-2 students to use at home. First in Math describes the program in the following way, "First In Math® online activities increase problem-solving, critical thinking and essential basic math skills.

Content ranges from addition through complex algebra, and includes a focused area for K-2 students. Children using this website have shown consistent improvement in math scores—from the top students to those still improving their skills. Adding digital gaming to our educational arsenal is a contemporary, practical and effective way to move the educational needle, and restore the joy of exploration."

Every morning during announcements, the Player of the Day, the child who earned the most digital "stickers" by correctly solving problems, is announced for every K-2 homeroom. Students proudly wear a lanyard that identifies them as Player of the Day. The more they play, the more they can earn. We also announce the First in Math Team of the Week which awards the class with the most stickers the coveted First in Math trophy in their classroom for the week. Next time you are at the Lower School take notice of the bulletin board immediately inside the main entrance. Teachers may direct students to use specific parts of the program, for example, "Just the Facts" to cement math fact fluency, but students are encouraged to additionally explore whatever concepts pique their interest. Below are two links, the first is a parent letter from First in Math explaining the program; the second explains how you gain access to the Family Link feature. Once your child has reached a target number of digital "stickers" you too can join in the competition!

To access the links, you will need your child's log-in information which will be coming home on Monday. Please keep the First in Math username and password in a place where your child will have ready access when he or she needs it.