Student Support

St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School's Student Support team provides support to families from pre-kindergarten through 8th grade with the students' academic, social, and emotional needs. Whether students come to us with diagnosed learning differences or we identify a possible concern, our team is available to meet with parents and develop a plan that best suits each child.

Additional educational resources are provided to help all our students succeed academically and emotionally. It is a true partnership between the Student Services team, parents, administration, teachers, and outside professionals if needed, as they work together to identify the best resources to optimize each student's educational experience at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School.

Our student services team includes Lower School Guidance Counselor, Lower School Reading Specialists, Upper School Guidance Counselor and Upper School Certified Academic Language Therapist and Learning Specialist.

Parents and students should always feel welcome to approach any member of the St. Thomas Aquinas Student Support team if they need more information or assistance with issues they face in their academic or personal life.

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Counselors are available at both campuses to offer individual support for student's social, emotional and academic needs.

Our counselors also provide school-wide activities throughout the year. Our spring Kindness Week gives students and teachers the opportunity to show appreciation and kindness to those around them.
The fall STAnd Up to Bullying Awareness Week, brings guest speakers to talk to our students about tools to use to stand up to bullying.

Academic Support

St. Thomas Aquinas offers a rigorous curriculum; however, students with learning differences can find support through Student Support Services. Students with diagnosed disabilities may qualify for accommodations in classroom.

The student will have an Individual Accommodation Plan (IAP) written, implemented, and monitored by the Learning Specialist or Counselor. Accommodations provided will not alter the curriculum of St. Thomas Aquinas. Accommodations are utilized only when academic integrity can be maintained. The Learning Specialist and/or Counselor determines what accommodations are made based on the psycho- educational test and report, teacher input, parent input, and the individual needs of the learner.

IAP Criteria

To receive an AIP the Eligibility for accommodations the student must meet the following requirements:

1. The student must have an educational need or diagnosis that directly affects his/her ability to learn.

2. The student must have been evaluated by a professional with the appropriate credentials to make the diagnosis (e.g. psychologist, diagnostician, neurologist).

3. Evaluations must be current as outlined in the ETS guidelines (Educational Testing Service, Extenuating circumstances may warrant an individualized decision for a student’s re-evaluation.

4. A full report must be submitted to the Counselor (Lower School) or Learning Specialist (Upper School) for use in developing an Individual Accommodation Plan (IAP).

5. The report will be kept on file in the Counselor’s or Learning Specialist’s office.

6. The report must include the following:

· A clear description of the diagnosis listed in the current edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM).

· Scores from measures of cognitive functioning, academic achievement, and information processing which support the diagnosis.

· Specific recommendations for appropriate accommodations.

Contact the Padmini Dayal at the Lower School or Cynthia Redden at the Upper School for more information and to schedule a meeting.