Tournament Information

Monday, January 21st

9 AM – 5 PM in the STA Upper School Gym

$30 Per Player/3-4 players to a team

Each player must submit payment through the electronic registration form below. Players may not compete without the registration/parent waiver submitted below. At least one player on each team must attend St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School.

  • 3 games guarantee for all teams
  • Divisions for boys and girls, 3rd - 8th grade!
  • First 48 team submissions are accepted!
  • Commemorative t-shirt for all players (pick up at tournament)!
  • 1st and 2nd place awards for all divisions!
  • Brackets will be emailed to team captain no later than Tuesday, January 15th

Registration forms must be submitted no later than by Thursday, December 20th! 



Each player must register and pay the fee to play.



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Volunteers are needed as court monitors and concessions. High School students are encouraged to volunteer and can receive community service hours.



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Rules and Regulations

Players and parents are responsible for reading and understanding the 2019 STA Hoops Challenge Rules and Regulations before the tournament takes place.



  1. At all times, every player and spectator should set a good example of respect and support for the court monitors/referees and encourage good sportsmanship.  Every player and spectator further agree to avoid criticism of court monitors/referees and their calls or lack of calls during contests.  The first offense of this policy will result in one point being taken away from the offending team.  A second offense will result in the forfeit of the game. 
  2. No criticism of game officials or their calls will be tolerated during the game.  After the game is over, please feel free to share your criticism of court monitors/referees to the STA Hoops Challenge chair. 



a. All teams will play a minimum of 3 games.

b. Teams must register to play in the grade of the player that is in the highest grade.  (For example, if three 4th graders play with one 5th grader, then the team must register under the 5th grade division).

c. There may be no more than 4 players per team. 

 i. Games may be started and completed with only two players, but not with just one player.  Any team that cannot field 2 registered team members at the official start time of a game must forfeit. 

 ii. No roster changes or additions of players is allowed after the start of the team’s first tournament game. 

 iii. At least one player on each team must attend St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School.

iv.   3rd and 4th grade teams will be allowed to have a parent/coordinator on the sideline to assist with substitutions and understanding the rules.  All teams grades 5 and higher will not be allowed any coaching of any kind. 

d.  Teams will first play 2 “pool” games.  All teams will move into bracket play and play at least 1 game in bracket play. 

i.       Ties in group standings will be decided by, in order:

1.    Team point differential across all group games (total # of points scored minus total # of points allowed)

2.    Coin toss

e.  Each team is responsible for furnishing a game ball.  All girls’ teams and all 3rd – 6th grade boys’ teams should use an intermediate sized ball (28.5 inches).  7th – 8th grade boys’ teams should use an official sized basketball (29.5 inches).


a. Each team must have at least 3 players on their roster.  Games may be started and played with only 2 players.  No more than the 4 registered players may participate in a game.

b. Teams will be placed into divisions according to their current grade level.  If a division does not have at least 4 teams, then two grade levels will be combined by gender.   (For example, 3rd and 4th grade girls’ divisions may be combined into one if less than 4 teams register for either division).  Under no circumstances will girls and boys teams be combined into a single division.   

c. Substitution is unlimited but permitted only when the ball is not in play.

d. To begin the game, a coin toss will determine the right to possession and the team that must supply the game ball. 

e. The ball will change possession after all made baskets, no “make it, take it.”

f. The ball will be “taken back” on EVERY change of possession.  Failure to take it back will result in the loss of possession and the loss of any points resulting from the possession.  (“Taking back” means BOTH feet and the ball behind the 20-foot 2-point line.)  A violation occurs only when a shot is attempted prior to taking the ball behind the 20-foot arc.

g. After made baskets, violations, fouls or out-of-bounds, the ball will be taken out at “mid-court”.  Mid-court is defined as the line between the 20-foot arc and inside the out of bounds line. 

h. The ball must be checked by an opposing player before it is put into play after made baskets, violations, fouls or out-of-bounds.  The ball is NOT checked on a takeaway (steal, rebound), but must be taken back beyond the 20-foot arc.

i. The ball must be passed to a teammate to begin play.  Offense can make the first pass outside of the 20-foot arc to begin play.  The defense cannot go outside the 20-foot arc until the ball is in play (until after the first pass).

j. Jump or held balls go to the DEFENSE.

k. ONE-POINT SHOT: Any basket made within the 20-foot arc will count as one point.  Free throws will count as one-point.

l. TWO-POINT SHOT:  Similar to a 3-point shot, a shot made from behind the 20-foot arc will count as two points.  Both of the shooter’s feet must be clearly and completely behind the 2-point line for the basket to count as 2 points.  The REFEREE and MONITOR will have the final say if there is any question.



b.  Game length will be based on points or time, whichever comes first, as follows:

i.       3rd-5th grades:  12 points or 15 minutes

ii.    6th – 8th grades:  15 points or 15 minutes

c.  Stalling goes against the fun principles of the game.  An “unwritten 30-second shot clock” is in effect at all times and may be enforced by the court monitor/referee at their sole discretion.  Failure to attempt a shot in 30 seconds, after being advised by the monitor/referee, will result in loss of possession.

d. No timeouts will occur during the game.

e.  The only reason the clock may stop during a game is because of injury.     

f. Resolving Tie Games:

i. If a game is ended at the time limit, the team that is ahead is declared the winner.

ii. Pool play:  The game ends in a tie. 

iii. Bracket play:   If a game reaches the time limit in a tie, the teams will play a 2-minute sudden death overtime with the team scoring first declared the winner.  A coin toss will determine which team gets the ball first.  If the 2-minute overtime period expires without a score, the tie will be broken by shooting free throws.  A coin toss will decide which team shoots first.  A player from each team will shoot.  If only one player makes the free throw, that team is declared the winner.  If both players make the shot or neither players make a shot, then another player from each team will shoot.  This continues until a winner is declared.  No player make shoot a second time until all players from that team have shot one time.   


a. The 20-foot arc and out of bounds boundaries are clearly marked on the gym floor and will be reviewed by the court monitor before the games.

b. All teams will play on 10-foot baskets.


a. The team captain may ask questions of the court monitor/referee during the game if they ask in a respectful way.  No criticism of game officials or their calls will be tolerated during the game. 

b. If any player is less than cordial to our referees, they may be suspended for the game or the tournament.

c. The team captain is the sole representative for his/her team.  The captain has the right to ask the monitor/referee to explain any rules.  If there is a dispute which needs to be resolved, request a court supervisor to come to your court immediately to handle the situation.  During any protest, time on the game clock continues to run, except for the last 3 minutes. 

d. The monitor will record all team fouls on the scoresheet.  For the first 6 fouls, shooting and non-shooting, the ball is taken by the fouled team at “mid-court” to resume play.  Beginning with the 7th team foul, the player fouled will be awarded 1 free throw (regardless of the type of foul) if the foul occurs inside the 20-foot arc.  The fouled player will be awarded 2 free throws if it is a shooting foul and it occurs outside the 20-foot arc.  Non-shooting fouls beyond the 20-foot arc result in 1 free throw attempt. 

e. Flagrant, intentional or continuous misconduct fouls will result in the dismissal of the offending player.

f. If a player receives a technical foul, the opposing team will shoot one free throw and retain possession.  Two technical fouls will result in automate disqualification from the game. 

g. Anyone involved in punching or fighting, for any reason, will be ejected from the tournament.


The STA Hoops Challenge, St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School and St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church are not responsible for theft or loss at the event. 

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