Our Program

Beginning in 5th grade, St. Thomas Aquinas students have the opportunity be a part of the STA Athletic Program. Competing in the Dallas Parochial League, along with 29 other Catholic Middle Schools, we offer 13 different sports throughout the year. There is something for everyone. In fact, 96% of students in 5th-8th grade compete in at least one sport. This year, STA fielded 25 basketball teams.

In addition to playing sports with their friends and being coached by parents and former alumni, students love the feeling of pride that comes from competing as a Wildcat.

I coach basketball because it is full of much of what is in life. There is hard work, competition, team work and strong passion. Kids learn about the game and themselves through listening, training and sometimes the hard way, by failing and having to pick themselves up. I love to see the rapid improvement in players over the season. I love to see when the light bulb goes off and they get it. I love to see the excitement of accomplishing as a team what can’t be done as individuals.

-Bob Hartmann, Volunteer Coach