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2019-2020 Key Dates Calendar
(Updated 8/1/19)

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Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Sun, Sep 1
Mon, Sep 2
Labor Day - No School
Lower School and Upper School
Tue, Sep 3
STAPA Board Meeting
St. Maron Room
Wed, Sep 4
Band Parent Meeting
US Drama Room
Thu, Sep 5
Confessions 8th, 3A, 3C
Mon, Sep 9
Band Classes Begin
US Drama Room
Tue, Sep 10
Carnival Committee Meeting
St. Maron Room
Thu, Sep 12
Confessions 7th, 3B, 3D
Fri, Sep 13
6th/7th/8th Grade Mass
Material Moms and Dads
Lower School Foyer
Fall Wildcat Athletics Kick-Off Pep Rally
Upper School Gymnasium
Sat, Sep 14
Tue, Sep 17
Wed, Sep 18
3rd Grade Family Mass
8th Grade Fall Parent Meeting
US Drama Room
Thu, Sep 19
North Texas Giving Day
Lower School and Upper School
Confessions 6th, 4A, 4C
Sat, Sep 21
Sun, Sep 29
Mon, Sep 30
Bishop's Golf Tournament
Four Seasons Resort
Tue, Oct 1
STAPA Board Meeting
St. Maron Room
Wed, Oct 2
3rd - 7th grade Mass
Fri, Oct 4
8th Grade Family Mass
Material Moms and Dads
Lower School Foyer
LS Blessing of the Animals
LS Parking Lot
US Blessing of the Animals after Mass
US back parking lot

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