The Spirit Store is open during the school year for all your STA Wildcat spirit wear needs. The store also stocks red and navy monogrammed polos, outerwear and socks, all school administration approved. All proceeds of the Spirit Store go back to the educational programs at STA.

Uniform Pieces

School uniform pieces available through the Spirit Store may be purchased during Spirit Store hours.
The Spirit Store stocks:

  • Red and navy monogrammed short-sleeved polo shirts
  • Navy monogrammed fleece
  • Grey performance pullover
  • Wildcat Elite socks

All uniform apparel is approved by administration as official school uniform. Uniforms can be purchased during Spirit Store hours.

Visit Risse Brothers School Uniforms, for all other uniform needs.

Sizing Charts

Spirit Wear Pieces

The Spirit Store stocks:

  • Wildcat t-shirts for boys, girls, and adults
  • Wildcat sport shorts
  • Wildcat Sweatpants
  • and much more...

Spirit wear apparel (with the exception of sweatshirts and hoodies) is not approved as uniform apparel and is not permitted on uniform days.

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