National Junior Honor Society


Membership criteria for the organization includes scholarship, leadership, service, and the highest moral character. The St. Thomas Aquinas Chapter of NJHS has served our community well through volunteerism, fundraising, and mentoring since 2006.


National Junior Honor Society Requirements:

1. All NJHS members (and potential members) must read and follow all of the by-laws established for the Saint Thomas Aquinas Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society.

2. All NJHS members (and potential members) must maintain satisfactory conduct and effort grades.  An NJHS member should demonstrate an outstanding record of conduct and effort with regard to school and community rules. This will be demonstrated by behavior and effort grades of an "S" with no negative comments on the report card, progress reports, or RenWeb.

3. All NJHS members (and potential members) must demonstrate a positive attitude and exercise a positive influence on peers in upholding school ideals.  This also requires students to maintain an acceptable attendance record. 

4. All NJHS members (and potential members) must demonstrate the highest standards of honesty and reliability.  Members must observe school instructions and expectations.  This indicates that there should not be any violation of the school's behavioral expectations as listed in the school handbook or violations of the school's honor code.

5. All NJHS members must maintain the required cumulative average of at least a 95.5%.

6. NJHS members and officers will meet at least once every quarter.  All NJHS members are expected to attend and to be on time for these meetings.  Time and dates will be announced via email.  Students are responsible for checking email for notifications of NJHS meetings and information.

7. All NJHS members are responsible for completing and documenting all service hours. 

a. Eighth (8th) grade members are required to complete forty (40) service hours throughout the course of the school year.  The hours used for confirmation can also be used to meet this requirement.

b. Seventh (7th) grade members are required to complete ten (10) service hours throughout the course of the school year. 

c. All hours are to be completed by the dates as determined at the beginning of the school year.  If students are struggling to find service opportunities, they should seek the advice of the chapter adviser.  Service hour forms may be signed by family members, but a photo demonstrating the student’s service MUST accompany the service hour sheet.  Service hour forms should be signed by an unrelated person and include contact information for verification purposes.

8. If all membership requirements outlined are not met, the NJHS member may be placed on probation or may be considered for dismissal from the organization.