Front Desk Rules

During COVID19 protocol Phase 1, please help us stay focused on your child’s education and safety by following the Front Desk Rules!

At the Beginning of the School Day

  • Report an absence if your child will be out for the day.
  • No items or messages will be delivered to either campus after the 8:00 AM bell, unless it is an emergency. In the event of an emergency, please call the receptionist.
  • Lunches for students can be brought from home by the student, or the student will need to preorder a box lunch (see Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner for more information). Every student will need to have a lunch account. 

During the School Day

  • Students are expected to be present in school for the entire day and attend every period.
  • If a student is leaving for an appointment, please do the following:
    • Call the MAIN number and let us know who will be the responsible parent picking up your child and the pick-up time.
    • Upon arrival call the MAIN number again. For safety reasons, parents should remain outside in a close parking space until their child is safely released to them.
  • A doctor's note will be required in order to return to school from an appointment.

At the End of the School Day

  • In order to avoid a classroom and dismissal disruption, no student may be checked out after 2:30 PM.
  • Students may not be pulled early from school for extra-curricular activities.
  • Follow the carpool rules.
  • Students not picked up on time will be escorted to Extended Day and a fee will be charged.

Is your child sick or not attending school? 

Please notify the school of absences as soon as possible by emailing your child’s homeroom teacher and the school receptionist.

Lower School

MAIN Number 469-341-0911
Attendance 469-341-0911, option 1
Health Services 469-341-0911, option 3

Upper School

MAIN Number: 214-826-0566
Attendance: 214-826-0566, option 1
Health Services: 214-826-0566, option 3