All students may bring their lunch or purchase from options provided by our food service vendor, Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner Caterers (GWCTD). In order to buy lunch at STA, families should set up a lunch account before school starts. Instructions on how to set up and monitor your child’s account along with monthly menus are located in the Parents tab of the school website.


Contactless Lunch Options & Pricing

There will be two options to choose from on a daily basis: gourmet cold sandwiches or entrée-sized salads. Each lunch is priced at $5.50 for all grades. Modifications to these meals will not be permitted due to the high volume of orders received.


  • Gourmet Cold Sandwiches Meal - $5.50
    • Gourmet sandwich
    • Bag of baked chips
    • Daily side
    • Dessert cup
    • One drink
  • Entrée-Sized Salads - $5.50
    • Entree-sized salad
    • Daily side
    • Dessert cup
    • One drink

To refrain from person‐to‐person contact, GWCTD staff will not be present on campus and the cafeteria will not be open to purchase extra items such as drinks or snacks.

Pre-Order Process:

The form to place orders will be through a site called “Wufoo.” The link to order will be sent via email to all lunch account holders every Monday morning to place your order for the next week. The form will close every Wednesday at 12 PM so GWCTD can allocate the necessary time to tally orders for the following week.

The order form will have all teachers/classrooms listed; you must select the correct option in order for your child to receive their lunch. If you have more than one child, you will need to place a separate order for each. GWCTD drivers will drop off the lunches in the AM and the school administration will handle the distribution of the lunches.

*As the meals will be pre-made by our kitchen on a daily basis late orders will not be permitted.*

*If you have pre-ordered lunch for your child and you are aware that your child will be absent, you may cancel your order by contacting GWCTD the day before your child’s absence by 4:00 PM.  Once lunches are prepared, a refund cannot be issued.  Please email Alyssa at ​​​​​​*


GWCD Account Directions

If you need to register your child's new Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Caterers account, click the link below:


Manage your child's lunch account, change billing information, look at purchase details, and much more by clicking here:


Lunch Protocol Changes

Due to limitations of social distancing, the cafeterias on both campuses cannot accommodate grade level lunches. Because students are unmasked when eating, students will primarily dine outside for lunch. Individual classes may use the cafeterias and other large areas on a rotating basis and when the weather precludes outdoor dining.

Bringing lunch?

Lunch Guidelines
When your kids come to school teachers and staff usually help students open LOTS of the things packed. Please have them practice opening items by themselves in order to cut down on teacher/student contact. 

Things that are easier to open:

  • Flip top water bottles
  • Bento boxes or tupperware
  • Reusable sandwich bags
  • Twist off snacks

Things that are harder to open:

  • Milk cartons
  • Juice boxes with a straw
  • Lunchables have many packages to open inside
  • Yogurt tubes
  • Individual chips/snacks
  • Twist off drinks

If your child can open everything in their lunch, it means less time waiting with their hand up, more time eating and less germs.