Message from Father John

Dear Parents,

For over 75 years, the school has been an integral part of the identity of this portion of the People of God we call St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church and School. In its beginning years, with 209 students, four classrooms, and a gym, the school was the first place Mass was celebrated on these grounds. In our years of thoughtful growth, its firm and united purpose, remarkable hard work and tremendous generosity made parish and school a part of many lives and the teacher of many hearts.Today with two campuses and 882 students, the school is still at the heart of this expansive and flourishing community; we are a parish of 3500+ households, experiencing a resurgence of young people, young families and eager young faces looking to begin each school day with new friendships and wonderful adventures.

As I reflect on this history, this place and this community, I am very grateful, because the school is now and ever at the heart of our parish. Indeed all Catholic education is a Ministry of the Word of God - the formation of a strong Catholic faith through the balanced pursuit of liturgy, learning personal prayer, moral formation, and compassionate service. I pray this year gives us joy as we celebrate together our students, our families, our teachers and staff and the 75 years of alumni who have shared faith, learning and life in this place, this school, our parish community - St Thomas Aquinas.


Yours In Christ,


Father John