Our Faith In Action

The concepts of the Church, moral development, and social justice are taught across the curriculum and through service projects. Students at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School are reminded daily of their call to live their faith through service to others by participating in grade-level and school-wide christian service projects.

Cancer Awareness Month

In years past, students were encouraged to share the names of those they knew who had been affected by cancer. These names were offered up in prayer.

This year, we have modified this to be an online prayer request! Students will have the opportunity to fill out a prayer request during religion/computer classes and with families at home. We will gather all these prayer requests at the end of the month and offer them up at our All Saints Day prayer services in November. #STAandingstrongtoCancer

2019 - Cancer Awareness Tables were set up for students to write their prayer intention for a friend or family member affected by cancer.

Prayer Intention

Cancer Awareness Videos

Service Projects

Our students are taught in both word and example to recognize the needs of others in daily interactions between all member of the school community.
Jen Watts, Principal