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Who We Are

Safe Environment and Volunteering

STA thrives on volunteers and our strong sense of community.

St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School, in compliance with the Diocese, has a comprehensive Safe Environment program in place for all of our volunteers. The Safe Environment Program, Protecting God’s Children, is designed to help protect our STA students as they participate in activities within our community. 

In order to volunteer at the school, church, or any affiliated event, you are required to be Safe Environment cleared. Once you receive your Safe Environment badge, it must be updated annually on the anniversary date and worn on school premises at all times you are on campus. Please know that for the safety of our students and teachers, this policy is strictly enforced. Any visitor who is not Safe Environment cleared must sign will receive a yellow visitor sticker at the front desk and be accompanied by a cleared person at all times.

Thank you to all parents for working together to keep a safe environment for our children.

All parents/guardians in the school family are required to have a St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School Save Environment badge before school begins. You will need this badge to volunteer, to come to the school to have lunch with your child, to chaperone on field trips, or for any other occasion that will require you to be in the school when children are present.

Contact Information

All questions regarding Safe Environment clearance should be directed to Gina Rangel, Safety Director at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church at 214-821-3360, ext. 4115, or by email at

New and Renewing Badges

Whether you need to begin the process to receive your Safe Environment badge or renew your badge please visit the Church website for more information.  

STA Church Safe Environment Information